Project after project, I always try to explore new things, and most of all pushes my limits a little bit further. I cannot forget that just one and half year ago, this amazing adventure of furniture creation just started… 

The singularity of this console design holds in two points. The first thing is the idea to work the board as a painting. And the desire to do an elegant base, thin but stable and solid.

Is the bet won? I would say yes for the basement. About the board, this question is way too subjective. However, I had lot of fun to do it. On this table board, I did an abstract painting with acrylic paint. This painting, being covered by transparent epoxy resin, gives shine and depth. I called this console “rust” because the idea of this painting is inspired by copper’s oxidation that gives those beautiful bluish tints.

Mix the kinds, techniques, or materials is a very stimulating process that I love a lot. Nevertheless, it needs numerous tests, and even more fails…! 

For the base I wanted to give a feeling of lightness but also robustness by integrating it in the console’s board. Lightness is obtained with the assembly of thin blades of white oak, joined by a “shoe” in walnut. 

At the end, this console design seems to me rather unique. Of course with its “board – painting” but also with its base, that I hope to be as original as elegant.