Red color fits really well with white woods. But to make this new « river table », a flaming red color was needed. And what more flamboyant that a lava cast ? Colors are from metalic pigments, casted in epoxy resin (eco-friendly). The colors are various in order to create a « lava cast » whose move look as natural as possible.

Then board of this river table is made with Elm, a particulary beautiful wood with shimmering and warm colors. The natural wood drawings are winding and offer unique shadings.

To go allong with this atypical board, I wanted to create a base just as atypical. Leave the strait legs for a change, to make some all curved. These legs have been cut directly in the wood. 

This river table offer two point of view. First, take a step back and look at the global design with this round base. Second, with the nose on the board, observe the multiple shades of colors from the « lava cast » and the drawings wood.