Between design furnitures and artistic creation, I want to blur the lines. This coffee table in walnut is a good exemple. Then, the board’s table is no more just a board but also a picture, a drawing. And again, between useful, functional and nice, some compromise are necessary. For this low table, I think the balance between these extremes seem quite coherent. 

The drawing of this imaginary flower on the low table has been milled on the wood with few millimeters deep. Then I casted epoxy resin. This flower will easily resist to time.

From each side of the table, you will find a drawer which front is made with Corian (white part) and Walnut. These are just two drawers, but funnily enough I spent hours on it. Two things made it quite unique. If you table a closer look to the way the sides and the front are assembly, you will notice this assembly is quite unusual, at least different from the classic dovetail. the second singularity is from the handle design, all round, in and out. 

At last, there is an empty space with easy access to drop off… well, whatever you want 😉

My last word, « happy apéro ! ».