This time, after having done two low tables with a leaf shape and epoxy resin. I wanted to make one, just with wood.

The design is also different. Instead of to get close of the natural shape of leaf, I wanted to draw a table with a simple shape, symmetrical and graphic.

And to complete the graphic shape of the board, I drew the leaf veins using the Japanese technique of burned wood. This technique called Shou Sugi Ban, slighty burn the surface of wood to make it more resistant on outdoor situation. This technique used at first for claddings has been diverted for more artistic and creative ends. To me, this technique as two majors interests. First, it allows to get a deep black natural color. And also, once ashes are brushed, it reveals and accentuate the natural drawings of wood. Slide your fingers on it and feel the difference. 

Make a leaf table with a straight base would not have much sens. Try to symolize a leg with a shape of branch was more coherent. Four legs support this coffee table and are all removable.

This low table design with a generous size (48 inch on 24 inch), will be perfect at apero time with your friends !