Since a while, I wanted to realize a “graphic” table board. This is a rather classic assembly of Beech wood sheet that gave me this opportunity. The wood grain of those beautiful Beech sheets is quite straight with very few wood knot, and with homogeneous tones. However, by assembling these wood strips at 90°, we right away note that the reflection of the light is different and the effect obtain is nice.

Nevertheless, I wanted to give a little stroke of “punch” to this classical assembly of sheets of Beech. The idea came to me to directly draw on the board with colored ink. I thought it was also interesting to take advantage of the color shades made by this square assembly, and then double the shade color.

I started to draw directly on one edge of the board with no defined plan. But just keeping in mind to align quite randomly those tiny triangles of color.

I was surprised to realized how much those little colored triangles could change the look of this low table design. I am very happy with the result, and that gave me new ideas for future projects to come… 

To get with the low table, I wanted a base that would be as thin as possible but solid. With these two conditions, nothing better than iron steel. The form of the base, designed as a sort of a trapeze allowing a large corner to stand in suspension, complete the originality of the table.