As you probably noticed, most of our lamps have a round shape. Philosophy time : the curved line is to nature what the straight line is to men… It does not exist in nature, perfectly straight lines, even the horizon line. Maybe for this reason, buildings, drawings, and all the designs with rectilinear lines seem to be so contemporary, and belong to men.

This is what inspire me this little series of cubic lamps design, with sharp edges and straight lines. The design is quite simple, a cubic base, and a shade light with the same shape or so. I think there a kind of architectural spirit with these lamps design, it gives what I was expecting, a contemporary look.

At first sight, we see right away the interest and originality of this essence of wood, whose verticals drawings are very straight. The alternation of these dark lines on a light background makes this wood unique and very beautiful according to me. 

The base is made with an essence of wood also amazing, smoked oak. Its dark color with clear zones is the result of a long process of smoking.

To get coherence to the all, I had wanted to add a shade-light with same dimensions. The two volumes facing together in a harmonious way. 

However, once assembled, it was missing something, singular. This little lack seems to me have been fulfilled by painting thin lines on the base with acrylic paint. Each lines, running from face to face.