Third version of the « bulb lamp » outcome of my « end project » at cabinetmaking school. This version is the most accomplished of all. 

The shape remain the same, the symbolic silhouette of a bulb. But this time, I wanted to simplify as much as possible the lamp, especially the base, to maintain a clean design.

The base that maintain the bulb is definitely simple, always to obtain a minimalist design.

For this third version, I choose a wood from South America (Brazil), Palissandre Dos Santos. It is a wood with « warm » shades or tones, amber with some nice brassy gleams.

The base is made with another wood from South America, the Ziricote. This wood is fascinating, its nuances of shades and its stance drawings reminding some landscape is like no other. 

Don’t be mistaken by the pictures, this lamp design is rather high with a height of 60 cm (2 feet) and 15 cm width (0,4 feet).