There are some raw woods that make you think « there are just great like that ». White Ebony is one of these woods, outstanding and splendid. The color contrasts are astonishing ! It is like if someone had overturned black ink on this white wood…

So my idea was to show as much as possible this sensational wood, with a simple design.

I already made a lamp (lamp Bulb) using the bending technique. And this time I wanted a different design, both simple and modern. The shape quickly came with the bulb I use. They are simple and nice and look like a moon. So a round bending shape popped in my mind !

This lamp design made with White ebony is quite spectacular because it is quite high, more than 60 cm. But with 9 cm wide, it is easy to put it everywhere.

The base is made with a wood also rare and remarkable, the Ziricote. But if White Ebony is come from Africa, this dark wood is from Central America. 

In order to remain in harmony with the shade light, I wanted to make the base looking like a pebble, round and without any angle. I like the result, quite natural. Under the base, there are four little legs in transparent resin. This tiny trick give the feeling that the lamp is « floating » in the air ! To surprise and never let indifferent, that is what I like.