Nature at home, but without its constraints. This was the initial idea of this project. The idea came after chatting with friends qui were desperate to can not have nice green plant at their place. Either not enough light or they do not have time to water them. 

Here, no need of light or water. These lichens had been stabilized with a natural process, organic and ecologic. This innovative process allows the lichens to remain in their natural state for at least 10 years. This stabilized lichens is truly amazing !

You can then have great green plants without to do anything. And it is not all, it’s a floor lamp design too !

I admit it, this floor lamp is unusual ! It is an amazing combination of a vegetal frame and a lamp. I was wondering what could be the effect to see light between this frame of lichen and frankly the result is really magical…

This floor lamp is made with two frame in walnut, and two shade-light in linen. Two bulbs are integrated inside to have the best light possible. 

To be honest, I hope this lamp will astound you, as much as I do.