One of the first engine of the Kanopee Design’s adventure is the quest of meaning. I wanted “to find my way”, at last. I needed that my work resounds positively inside me. 

The obsession with quality, work well done, quickly became a second nature, an evidence. I don’t always succeed (even rarely) to reach the objective of “faultless and without any flaw”. But I can guaranty one thing : on every project, I always give my very best. It may sounds normal but it is not so obvious. 

Each new day, I am always more amazed by nature’s beauty. My workshop is located in the earth of the countryside and quite often I just stay still for long minutes, watching the fields, the trees, the animals, the sky.

Needless to say that the respect of the environment is obvious to me. Kanopee Design commits to only use finish products that get an ECOLABEL. These ECOLABEL are the guaranty that those products preserves (or at least do not arm) the environment. For instance, the epoxy resin I use is made from linen, colza or soy (brand ECOPOXY or BIORESIN).