People from my age (not so young…), obviously remember this famous TV show « The twilight zone ». A fascinating TV show, that pushs you to see things on a different angle. This little console is just an assembly of straight lines and different angles… but are you sure ?

The board is quite simple. All the orginality come frome the assembly and the layout of these square frames. The way the layout is made hide the square and show a four branches star. Black or white background widely change the look of the boards. The frame are attached with a transparent epoxy resin, allowing to partly see the frames. 

For these twin consoles, I wanted two different base. First, for the white console, a base with a simple and clean design. For the black console, I wanted a disruptive and original design. I like this design very much, we must look at it closely to understand how it works. These steel bases have been made by a french talented craftsman (Metal 360). Thanks to him !