The title (meaning Sensual vibes) of this coffee table design tells a lot. Indeed most of its meaning come from this special type of wood. The wood is called « Sycamore waves ». I think the terme « waves » fits pretty well here. At first sight, we can see these shining waves giving the feeling the surface is not flat. I really liked this wood when I found it. But I did not had enough to build a board with it, so I decided to associate it with a dark wood as Walnut. I like the contrast on the low table with the both which « slice ».  As I did not want to associate three strait pieces of wood I decide to draw a curve. To make it perfectly fit together, that was quite a little technical challenge…  However I did it 😉 And I am really happy with how these curves look. It gives the table personality and character.

The legs have a design I did not draw but I love it. The legs let the corner of the coffee table « fall in the empty » and join together in one piece. This elegant design also makes the coffee table very stable and solid. I love this low table, and I hope you will too.

Low table “Ondes sensuelles”