Nature is an endless inspiration source. When you take time to observe it, you are always fascinating and dazzled by its beauty. This table is a modest tribute to « Madame Nature ». 

This coffee table design has been made with Spruce, using the Japanese technique of burn wood called Shou Sugi Ban. The veins of the leaf are in epoxy resin colored by metallic pigments. When exposed to light, these pigments will fully shine.

The legs are made with Ash, a white noble wood and they also have been worked with the same Japanese technique. The black color obtained is natural (without any hue). When you burn the wood (only on surface), it will quickly become black and hard. Wood are made with soft and hard fibers, this technique reveals the drawings of all the fibers by digging the « soft fibers ». Let your fingers stroke the surface of this burned wood is really pleasant and sensual. On white and tender woods like Epic, a subtitle brushing allows to make appear some clearer zones, revealing some interesting color contrasts. 

At first, I did not want to cover the all surface with epoxy resin. But during the pouring process with the leaf veins, I realized I had no choice… After all, I am not disappointed with the result, it gives a really bright surface and great depth on the tray.