I wont deny it, I spent hours to make this singular coffee table design.

I must confess that there are two failed attempts underneath the layers of epoxy resin. Two disappointing try of elliptic resin cast. My father used to say “when it does not work, well it does not work”. True… But at the third attempt, it worked. The result is surprising and honestly, the pictures don’t show all the amazing details. You need to get closer to observe all the shadings of colors. Beware not to fall into a kind of deep space 😉

For a change I wanted to do something different from the rectangular boards. I wanted bended lines, rounded shapes, curves. Honestly, I like the result, and after all those hours to sand it, it will be something to let it go. This little coffee table design is made in Walnut. Do I need to explain why this wood is so beautiful ? I guess not. 

With two half moons, you can turn around the table with no fear to hurt your legs. To stay coherent, it was obvious to add some all in curves foot. More than that, I wanted to make those legs look as natural as possible. Technically and in terms of working time, I had lot of fun …! Understand that the challenge is to get very harmonious and round shapes from straight and rectilinear lines.