Luminaires & mobilier artisanal


Ethics & Environment

One of the first engine of the Kanopee Design’s adventure is the quest of meaning. I wanted “to find my way”, at last. I needed that my work resounds positively inside me.  The obsession with quality, work well done, quickly became a second nature, an evidence. I don’t always succeed (even rarely) to reach the […]

Responsible labels

Nature and especially trees are very important to me. This is the reason why ALL the woods I use have a FSC or PEFC label. These labels certify that the woods are from well managed and renewable forests.  It is always possible to find on market exotic woods that are exceptional. But some of them […]


Each of the creations you will see on Kanopee Design are uniques. Why ? Because there is so much to explore, to imagine, to build, to try, to invent… ! Each time a project is over, I can’t wait to start another one, different. Step by step, this is also a good opportunity to push my limits […]