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Coffee tables

Coffee table “Ondes”

The title (meaning Sensual vibes) of this coffee table design tells a lot. Indeed most of its meaning come from this special type of wood. The wood is called « Sycamore waves ». I think the terme « waves » fits pretty well here. At first sight, we can see these shining waves giving the feeling the surface is […]

Desk “To infinity and beyond”

Inspirations for this desk design are various. First, the board of this desk design borrows the « river table » style that is getting popular now. But I wanted to do something different from what I already done. I wanted « the river » not just a cast of epoxy resin, but a « cast » of wood. This idea made […]

Low table “Flora novis”

Between design furnitures and artistic creation, I want to blur the lines. This coffee table in walnut is a good exemple. Then, the board’s table is no more just a board but also a picture, a drawing. And again, between useful, functional and nice, some compromise are necessary. For this low table, I think the […]

Low table “Hypnotic”

This low table design is from my point of view (very few objective…), doubly singular. At first sight, its the strange base with those brass swivels that strikes. The angular lines and bevelled of the base, give a very contemporary look to the law table. But the real originality is from the brass swivels that […]

Coffee table “Curvae”

I wont deny it, I spent hours to make this singular coffee table design. I must confess that there are two failed attempts underneath the layers of epoxy resin. Two disappointing try of elliptic resin cast. My father used to say “when it does not work, well it does not work”. True… But at the […]

Coffee table “Twins”

Elm burl is probably one the most beautiful essence of wood that is exist. Its beauty not only remains in its warm color of desert sand. but mostly trough those fascinating convolutions and tortuous lines browsing the wood. Elm burl is quite unique in his kind and its beauty fascinates me. Victim of a lethal […]

Low table “Adamantem”

Since a while, I wanted to realize a “graphic” table board. This is a rather classic assembly of Beech wood sheet that gave me this opportunity. The wood grain of those beautiful Beech sheets is quite straight with very few wood knot, and with homogeneous tones. However, by assembling these wood strips at 90°, we […]

Coffee table “160”

160. Yes it can appear surprising but there is many as it that ! And frankly, considering the time I spent to carve each end, sand down, tint, sand again and applying finish… yes, without a doubt, there are 160 feet !! Anyway, the look given by those 160 feet is interesting. It gives to […]

Low table “Burned leaf”

This time, after having done two low tables with a leaf shape and epoxy resin. I wanted to make one, just with wood. The design is also different. Instead of to get close of the natural shape of leaf, I wanted to draw a table with a simple shape, symmetrical and graphic. And to complete the […]

River table “Lava cast”

Red color fits really well with white woods. But to make this new « river table », a flaming red color was needed. And what more flamboyant that a lava cast ? Colors are from metalic pigments, casted in epoxy resin (eco-friendly). The colors are various in order to create a « lava cast » whose move look as natural as […]

Console “Twilight zone” black

People from my age (not so young…), obviously remember this famous TV show « The twilight zone ». A fascinating TV show, that pushs you to see things on a different angle. This little console is just an assembly of straight lines and different angles… but are you sure ? The board is quite simple. All the orginality come frome […]

Console “Shadings”

The wood never ends to astound me. The wood of Ash is a vey clear wood that is not known to give strong difference of colors. But still ! The tray of this charming console design is uniquely made of ash pieces of wood.  The multiples cuts, dovetailing in a graphic way give an original […]

Blue leaf

I like blends, all kind. To me, it is almost a life philosophy… Being curious, the « what if I try that ? », is a regular part of my creative process. Some try are disappointing and other offer nice surprises, like this coffee table. Having already made a coffee table with a shape of leaf, I […]

Coffee table “Lego fixed it !”

Who did not have in hands those little plastic Danish blocs when he was a young child ? There are a piece of childhood, a bit of our lost insouciance.  This fun and playful coffee table is made witch white oak and LEGO. All the blocs of LEGO and directly integrated in the tray to […]

Coffee table “Paths”

I imagined this coffee table design as being a symbolic illustration of our life paths, crossing others.  I liked the idea that those paths kept going on the legs. But the production was much harder than I thought !  The visual result of this massive coffee table is what I was looking for. At first […]

River table “Amazonia”

This river table is important to me. Firstly, this is the very first table I ever made. Secondly it account for THE moment when I realized I wanted to create furnitures. It was when I discovered the work of Greg Klassen that I thought « Its beautiful ! I want to do that ! ». Finally I […]

Coffee table “Autumn leaf”

Nature is an endless inspiration source. When you take time to observe it, you are always fascinating and dazzled by its beauty. This table is a modest tribute to « Madame Nature ».  This coffee table design has been made with Spruce, using the Japanese technique of burn wood called Shou Sugi Ban. The veins of the […]

Coffee table “Turtle”

Wood is a sensational material, and according to me, beautiful from anywhere you look at it. The wood drawings are different depending on what side you look at it. Either you look at the vertical side cut or the horizontal side cut (then end of the board). The drawings are different but still nice.  This […]

Coffee table “Old pear tree”

The little story of this coffee table design is nice. I unearthed this rare wood in a cabinet maker’s workshop being retired for 24 years… According to him, these boards of Pear tree where stocked here for 50 years. True or not, the story is funny.  For this coffee table in « Old pear tree », I […]

Low table “Same same but different”

This curious title (Asian proverb) summarizes quite well this atypical coffee table. « Same same » because this table is in the follow of the « river table » style.  « But different » because it does not look like to the others « river tables ».  This low table design is unique for two reasons : firstly because the river made with […]