Who never been completely fascinated by watching a sky full of stars ? You know, this kind of hypnotic contemplation, nearly beatific, where the constellation of stars immensity and beauty seize you deeply inside….

In this posture, you are like a bow, the head slightly backward, eyes wide open, seeking to see as much as possible of the glitter of stars.

« Anton watching the stars. » And now, when you watching him again, his instep seems obvious. This special curve is obtained by using the bending method, assembling thin blades of wood and pressed in a mould.

Anton’s body which is almost fully removable with a simple allen key, is made with a wood I like a lot, Olive Ash. Its clear color is traveled by fudge lines, sometimes winding or relatively straight. Each of his body’s parts are from the same and unique wood, cutted in several pieces. It gives to the all consistency, both with the color and the lines of the wood.

The electric wire is craftily hidden in Anton’s body. There is a connection between the body and the leg allowing to remove the parts if needed. The electric wire keeps going in the leg to go out in the foot. This way, the electric wire is only apparent at the bottom of the lamp.

The feets are made with an assembly of various species of wood. The body’s gradient slightly positioned onward, associated with the feet’s thickness, make the lamp well stable. 

Finally, this floor lamp, unique of its kind, and with 73 inches high, will probably be taller than many people at your home ! I hope you will find this floor lamp design as endearing as I do, and that will easily fit both in your interior and your familly 😉