Stabilized lichens are surprising. Not only they do not need light or water but their colors are remarkable. 

After the floor lamp « Vegetalia », I wanted to do something different, with warmer colors than only green lichens. What more symbolic than a three to symbolize nature ? Everyone knows the wonderfull change of colors of leafs through seasons. This floor lamp design is a pictorially version of the « fourth seasons ».

Each of the four frames picture both a three and a season. I tried to imagine a design as simple as possible, seeking to give lightness to the all. Each « three » can be tilt at 360 degrees. You don’t need to position the « threes » in the logical way of seasons. You decide. Every position is fine !

Two bulbs, 30 cm high are set in the middle of threes to diffuse light through colors lichens.

In order to get this lamp as authentic and natural as possible, the base is made with two logs. For the record, these logs are from a broken leg of an oak, from my mother’s garden.

Light on the lamp, walk around this amazing lamp, and let it enchant you…