160. Yes it can appear surprising but there is many as it that ! And frankly, considering the time I spent to carve each end, sand down, tint, sand again and applying finish… yes, without a doubt, there are 160 feet !! Anyway, the look given by those 160 feet is interesting. It gives to this coffee table design both a feeling of stability by the number and also lightness by its fineness. All roundness and allowing the light to go through, this original base may amaze many of your guest. 

As often, I wanted to explore new paths. This time, by adding a personal paint made with ink. I discovered this “ink alcohol” technique, not long ago and I have to admit I found it fascinating. I like this technique both because of the color shading it creates but also with these natural lines. The result is kind of strand and poetic. This singular alcohol ink paint is immersed for ever under a thick layer of epoxy resin. 

You recognize it, the wood used for the board is the timeless white oak, lord of European forests.